Mac OS:
Currently there is no dedicated Mac OS version available. The Linux version can be used under Mac OS, but unfortunately without support of videocard.

How to cite Vadere?

If you use Vadere for your research, please cite:

Benedikt Kleinmeier, Benedikt Zönnchen, Marion Gödel, Gerta Köster: Vadere: An Open-Source Simulation Framework to Promote Interdisciplinary Understanding. In: Collective Dynamics, vol. 4, 2019.

Required Java version

Hint: Vadere requires Java 17 or above. See Getting Started for more instructions.

Typical error message.

This error may indicate that Vadere is opened with the wrong Java version. If you have several versions installed, you may want to start the application from the command line with the correct version (Java 17 or above).

Vadere for Developers

Source Code

Vadere is Open Source and can be downloaded and used for free under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For installation and user advice, please follow the instructions on GitLab LRZ or GitHub.

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