Pedestrian dynamics research group

Vadere is developed by the research group on pedestrian dynamics at Munich University of Applied Sciences HM. The research group of Prof. Dr. Gerta Köster provides with Vadere a tool to evaluate and enhance pedestrian safety.

Please contact us at if you would like to contribute to Vadere or collaborate with us, and of course, if you have questions regarding Vadere.


Contributors to the software code (in alphabetical order):

Florian Albrecht, Benjamin Degenhart, Felix Dietrich, Marion Gödel, Benedikt Kleinmeier, Matthias Laubinger, Daniel Lehmberg, Christina Mayr, Simon Rahn, Jakob Schöttl, Stefan Schuhbäck, Michael Seitz, Swen Stemmer, Isabella von Sivers, Mario Teixeira Parente, Benedikt Zönnchen