Open Source Framework for Pedestrian and Crowd Simulation

Getting Started

Java Installation

  • We believe in open-source software. Therefore, we rely on the OpenJDK instead of Oracles commercial Oracle JDK.
  • OpenJDK does not provide user-friendly installers. If this troubles you, you can use, e.g., Amazon Corretto, which offers installers for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. The installer installs all required Java-related software and allows you to associate .jar files with Java applications (which we recommend).

Start the simulator

Either run the Vadere simulator by

  • Double-clicking vadere-gui.jar (after installing OpenJDK)
  • Entering path/to/openjdk/java -jar vadere-gui.jar

Run our built-in examples

With the following steps, you can run a simulation with one of the built-in examples from Scenarios folder :

  1. Start vadere-gui.jar
  2. Click Project -> Open...
  3. Choose Scenarios/ModelTests/TestOSM/vadere.project
  4. Select the scenario in the Input files and press Run selected scenarios
The graphical user interface of the Vadere simulator


Check out Vadere Wiki for more details.

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